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Enterprise Solutions

You have full and exclusive administrative control over the cloud-deployable platform and your data.
Readily deployable on Amazon’s premium security spec and certified cloud infrastructure; configurable to comply with your security requirements via public or private cloud; military grade encryption of your data including messages and files – during transit and in storage.
Scalable redundancy of Amazon’s IT resources (e.g. virtual servers, database and storage) tailored to your organizational requirements.
No upfront hardware procurement for deployment on Amazon cloud; customer can directly engage Amazon for pay-as-you-go cloud computing infrastructure.
Workflow and Project Team Management
Powerful messaging, community and collaborative workflow/project management tools for workflow, content, and outsourced/internal team management; track project progress and collaborate with team members to mitigate project risks and to ensure compliance.
Data Privacy Compliance
User-selectable geographical storage around the globe via Amazon cloud to comply with data privacy or protection laws of different jurisdictions.
Document Repository
Rich collaborative secure data storage accessible by shared users via desktop or mobile devices.
Social Media Features
Users can create public or private groups, forums, or communities to develop knowledge and relations among team members.
Your Branded Portal
Affixing your company trademark to the portal enables you to build your brand while collaborating with your clients.

On-Demand Platform

Manage projects with your internal and outside teams on a single on-demand platform. Reduce cost, connect, collaborate and transact securely.
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Connect, collaborate and transact globally with other professionals. Develop business leads. Manage projects with clients and staff on a global platform.
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Join project teams. Collaborate and transact with other professionals. Manage matters and projects for clients on a secure platform.
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