NeuLexa reimagines the way client and professional teams around the world connect, collaborate and transact with each other.  Engineered from the ground-up for the global-mobile environment, NeuLexa uniquely combines an enterprise-grade document collaboration platform with project management features, transactional capabilities and team building social tools which leverage the professional team knowledge base. 

To ensure confidentiality, project team collaboration is conducted within a highly secure environment that employs military-grade encryption of data, messages and files during transit and in storage. 

Types of Services Offered:

  1. Enterprise Solution

Neulexa’s enterprise solution is cloud-deployable and can be private labeled for companies large or small.  Company staff professionals can team up internally or with outside team members, leveraging a vast network of resources and skill sets to complete projects of varying complexities.  Integrated social networking tools allow for enhanced expertise location and knowledge management.  Team members can interact, communicate, and work on projects through Neulexa’s secure platform.  Companies can optimize costs through a Project Management Module with an integrated Request-For-Proposal module to facilitate matter lifecycle management and budget planning.

An administrative panel permits a company to monitor and manage data on the platform.  Since the documents and discussions of its users are in fact the Big Data of the company, the administrative panel will enable the company to leverage, analyze and repurpose its valuable data. 

  1. On-Demand Platform

NeuLexa also provides an on-demand platform for professionals and clients who simply want to collaborate on a project on a moment’s notice.  Our unique On-Demand Platform features a powerful transactional interface that allows professionals to collaborate and transact.  By introducing a transactional element to a collaborative marketplace, professionals can generate revenue on a highly scalable, all-in-one platform. (click here to learn more).  Furthermore, clients can easily search for qualified professionals, manage payments more transparently and leverage a network of resources.


The NeuLexa platform is deployable on Amazon’s robust and secure cloud computing infrastructure with triple redundant data storage capacity, military grade security and on-demand scalability of computing resources.  No matter how big or small your projects are, NeuLexa’s platform can be configured and scaled to accommodate your organization’s needs.

Begin to connect and collaborate in ways that will allow you to work more efficiently, as professionals, or to effectively manage costs, as clients.

If you have a question or want a custom solution, please feel free to contact us.