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Once projects are initiated, clients and their project teams manage the entire process through the web without regard to physical boundary or access device, using NeuLexa's ergonomically designed, productivity enhancing dashboard.

Clients can manage the progress of each project as the dashboard provides transparency to the project status. Clients may view and comment on interim updates and milestones selectively authorized by the managing professionals. Team members work together behind the scenes to complete deliverables, allowing clients to focus on their core business while saving on cost.

Clients control access to project files that are stored securely on the platform through selective sharing in order to allow multiples stake holders to work collaboratively while maintaining data security and a hierarchy of process flow.

The NeuLexa platform also allows clients to recruit additional professional team members on-demand as project complexity grows. The result, clients can engage a dynamic, on-demand, highly scalable project team, capable of serving complex, evolving requirements at a fraction of the traditional cost.