The Basics

What is NeuLexa?

NeuLexa brings clients and professionals around the world under one roof, revolutionizing the way they connect, collaborate and transact with each other. Please click this link to learn more

How does NeuLexa work?

To learn more about how NeuLexa works please click here

What do I need to create an account?

Creating an account on NeuLexa is quick and easy. You will be asked to provide your name, email address and password. After submission, you will receive a confirmation email that must be authenticated. Once approved, you become a free Basic Member and can begin to connect, collaborate and transact.

How much does it cost to create a basic user account on NeuLexa?

Creating a basic user account on NeuLexa is free.

How much does it cost to use NeuLexa's full platform of services?

To learn more about NeuLexa various offerings, please click: learn more

How do I reach customer service?

Please contact us by clicking here or through the Contact Us page.

How do I invite people to join NeuLexa?

Inviting people to join NeuLexa is fast and simple. Go to the Connections section of the Dashboard and select the "invite" tab. Enter email addresses of those you would like to invite (separated by a comma), enter the desired message, and click on "Invite."

What are NeuLexa points?

The number of total or monthly points available to a user depends on their membership plan. NeuLexa requires a certain number of points in order to submit bids for projects. This number may vary depending on the type and size of project. 

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Is there a limit to how many connections I can have?

NeuLexa allows you to have as many connections as you would like. We encourage you to expand and leverage your network effect on the platform, and increase your ability to collaborate and transact effectively.

How do I expand my professional network on NeuLexa?

The fastest and most effective way to expand your network on NeuLexa is to go to the connections section, click on the invite tab and invite all your professional and client contacts to join the network by entering their email addresses.

How do I join an Interest Group?

You may request to join any Interest Group by going to the Interest Groups section on the dashboard and then selecting the "Group Index" tab. Select the group you would like to join and then click on "Join Group." Users may also create their own groups by clicking on the "Create Group" button in the upper right corner found on any of the Interest Groups sections of the Dashboard.

How do I import my contacts from other email accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Importing contacts is a quick and easy way to invite people to connect on NeuLexa. In the Connections section of the Dashboard, go to the Invite tab and click on Import Contacts at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to provide your email address and password. A pop-up window will show, allowing you to select which contacts you would like to invite to connect with you on NeuLexa.

How do I use Templates?

The Templates feature is a great way for users to add common footers to emails (e.g., signatures, disclaimers, etc). In order to create a template, go to the Templates tab under the Messages section of the Dashboard. Click the "Add" button, enter your desired template message and click "Add/Update" to save. Once created, template messages may be added to all your messages automatically or manually. If manual insertion is desired, when creating a new message, click the "load from template" button, select a desired template message, and click "load" to add the template to the message.

Who can see my profile?

All profiles, by default, are available for search on NeuLexa. If you would like to make your profile private, you may do so by going to the "edit profile" tab under the profile section of the Dashboard and changing your settings accordingly. Please note that you maximize your ability to connect, collaborate and transact by keeping your profile viewable and searchable by others on the NeuLexa platform.

Who can see my connections?

By default, only you can see your own connections. However, by allowing others to see your connections, your network effect expands on NeuLexa. In order to allow others to see you connections, please go to settings and select connection viewing under the privacy settings.

How do I find professionals on the platform?

In the upper left corner of the dashboard users are able to perform searches by clicking on the Search Professionals button.

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How do I upload documents?

Uploading and sharing documents is the first step to collaborating on NeuLexa. To upload a document, go to the Documents section of the Dashboard and click the Up Arrow symbol. You can use either the "file", "multi-file" or "multi-folder" method for upload. These methods are similar and depends on your preference. The "File" or "Multi-file" method allows you to select individual files for uploads while the "Multi-folder" method allows you to upload folders and their associated folders in one click. Under either method, select a folder (if desired), choose one or more files/folders from each method, select the destination folder/subfolder, and then click "upload." You may also create additional folders or subfolders for your files by clicking the "New Folder" button. Once a folder has been created, files may be uploaded into the folder or subfolder. You may also rename a file or folder by right-clicking the folder or file.

How do I share documents that have been uploaded?

In order to share documents, they must be uploaded first. Once uploaded, select the desired file by checking the box to its left, and then either click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the screen or the small Share icon to the far right of the file row. Enter the designated person to share the file with under "Share To" and click "Save" to share.

Is there a limit to how many projects I can be involved with at one time?

NeuLexa members are encouraged to create as many projects as necessary, form teams and transact with each other. Please consult NeuLexa's membership offerings to learn more about project limits.

Are teams different from Connections?

Yes. Connections are used to grow your professional and client networks, exchange ideas, make introductions and to stay in touch. Teams are specific to a project and are the people with whom you collaborate and transact. Teams may be formed from your current connections, but they may also be competent professionals on the NeuLexa platform that you haven't connected with. While we encourage you to connect with all your existing team members, you may also invite other professionals to join your team by providing their email addresses.

How do I form a project team?

In order to form a project team on NeuLexa you must first connect to your team members. You can create your own project by going to the "Projects" section and clicking on "create new project." Note that you can only form a team if you are the client or the lead professional of a project. Once a project has been created the client or the lead professional may add team members by going into the specific project and selecting the "team" tab and clicking "manage team." You may then select team members from your list of connections and add them.

How do I create a project?

Users can create new projects by clicking on the "create new project" button in the Project section of the dashboard or by clicking the "new" button within the projects area.

How does revenue splitting work?

NeuLexa allows users to create project teams and earn client revenues among multiple team members. Revenues are earned based on agreements among the team members. Team leaders are responsible for managing earned revenues for each project milestone. 

How do I upload more than one file at a time?

You may upload multiple files by going to the Documents section, selecting the "more actions" drop down and clicking on Mass Upload. Select the desired files from a folder, select "add" and then select "upload" once all files have been added. Pending / Completed uploads and downloads can be viewed in the "Jobs" section of the left dashboard.

Who controls access to files, the ability to change team members and revenue sharing on a team?

Team leaders are the only users that may control access to files, add or remove team members and change revenue sharing information on NeuLexa. Non-team leaders may gain this ability by creating their own project.

What is shown in the "System Messages" section of the Dashboard?

The "System Messages" section tracks mass upload and download, and file format conversion activities because these "jobs" are processed in batch mode. Users may view the names of files that have been uploaded or are in queue for upload. Users may also download files that have been selected for Mass Download (i.e. more than one file at a time). Each status description is expandable when clicked upon to show more detailed information regarding the specific "job".

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How does NeuLexa make money?

NeuLexa charges a monthly subscription for premium services and a transaction fee to process transactions placed through the NeuLexa platform. Please see "upgrade" for more information.

How do I set up milestones?

Once a client selects a provider's bid, milestones are to be created and mutually agreed upon between the client and the providers. Each milestone sets forth the deliverables from the providers due on a particular date and the proportionate payments due upon the completion and acceptance of deliverables.

How do I edit/modify milestones?

Milestones that have been mutually agreed upon cannot be unilaterally modified. Instead, the system will treat each modification request as a pending proposal and will modify the milestone once the client and the provider mutually agrees on the modification.

How do I make a payment to a professional?

You must pay a professional through Neulexa pursuant to our Terms of Use. Various payment options are offered on the platform including, for example, PayPal, Credit Cards, ACH Transfer, and Wire Transfer. See the payment section of our Terms of Use for more information.

How do I receive money from a transaction?

NeuLexa processes payments to a professional in due course once client funds are received.

How do I make money on NeuLexa?

To learn more about transactions on NeuLexa please click here

What are the various methods of payment on transactions?

The various methods of payments include ACH Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Credit Cards as described in more detail in the Terms of Use. Certain processing fees may apply pursuant to the Fee Schedule (Addendum A to the Terms of Use).

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How do I turn off email notifications?

In order to manage your email settings, please go to settings and select your notification preferences.

How do I make a membership payment on NeuLexa?

You may pay for your membership using PayPal or any major credit cards through our platform. For security purpose, your credit card information will not be stored on our platform but instead maintained by PayPal's secure data storage system.

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This definition is based on the latest draft of the NIST Working Definition of Cloud Computing published by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Contrast this model with the traditional IT network infrastructure of an enterprise where expensive physical servers must be purchased and committed to support the applications utilized by the enterprise. Long lead time in the provisioning of computer hardware and implementation of software applications often leads to cost overruns and requires dedicated IT staff to resolve ongoing operations and performance issues. This model cannot scale on-demand (e.g. greater computing power and storage) as simply as the cloud computing model.

What IT infrastructure is the NeuLexa platform built on?

The NeuLexa platform utilizes the highly secure and scalable cloud computing environment provided by Amazon Web Services, which has successfully completed a Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS70) Type II Audit, and has obtained a favorable unbiased opinion from its independent auditors in November 2009. SAS70 certifies that a service organization has had an in-depth audit of its controls (including control objectives and control activities), which in the case of AWS relates to operational performance and security to safeguard customer data.

Where does NeuLexa physically store its customer data?

Presently, all user profiles are stored in Amazon’s Virginia region of the United States (“Region”). In contrast, you may choose to upload your files to any storage region offered by Amazon, which presently includes US West (N. California), US East (Virginia), EU West (Ireland), and Singapore. All user uploaded files are automatically and redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities in your chosen storage region.

What is the reliability of the data storage?

NeuLexa stores its data using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), which is designed for 99.99% availability. The service is designed to sustain concurrent device failures by quickly detecting and repairing any lost redundancy. When processing a request to store data, the service will redundantly store your object across multiple facilities before returning SUCCESS. Amazon S3 also regularly verifies the integrity of your data using checksums.

How secure is my data?

NeuLexa relies on proven network security provided by Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure. Amazon’s data centers are housed in nondescript facilities, and critical facilities have extensive setback and military grade perimeter control berms as well as other natural boundary protection. Physical access is strictly controlled both at the perimeter and at building ingress points by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, state of the art intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means. Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication no fewer than three times to access data center floors. All visitors and contractors are required to present identification and are signed in and continually escorted by authorized staff.

Amazon only provides data center access and information to employees who have a legitimate business need for such privileges. When an employee no longer has a business need for these privileges, his or her access is immediately revoked, even if they continue to be an employee of Amazon or Amazon Web Services. All physical and electronic access to data centers by Amazon employees is logged and audited routinely.

Furthermore, your documents are redundantly stored in multiple physical locations.

For more information on data security, please refer to Amazon Web Service security overview document []

In addition to the extensive security provided by Amazon, NeuLexa uses military-grade cryptographic technology to authenticate users and to encrypt the transmission of data and files between your computing device and our servers. Specifically, our servers use HTTPS protocol and VeriSign's most secure SSL certificate to secure the transfer of data through the open highway known as the Internet. We also subscribe to McAfee Secure services to continually monitor the security of the NeuLexa platform by hacking our site on a daily basis. The McAfee Secure seal on the NeuLexa website indicates that the platform has passed rigorous testing by McAfee Secure.

As we respect and understand your right or duty of confidentiality, NeuLexa encrypts all user files and messages on the platform using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128, a standard by the US government, and compresses encryption keys using a proprietary standard such that no third parties (including NeuLexa staff or agents) can retrieve human readable form of your messages or files, without your explicit authorization. Importantly, this heightened level of security will ensure to maintain your attorney-client privilege with respect to the data stored on the NeuLexa platform.

Is Versioning of data available on the NeuLexa platform?

Upon request, NeuLexa can provide versioning of your data at a reasonable cost. Versioning allows you to preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of your data stored by Amazon S3. Older versions of an overwritten or deleted object can be retrieved by specifying a version in the request. Versioning offers an additional level of protection by providing a means of recovery when customers accidentally overwrite or delete objects. This allows you to easily recover from unintended user actions and application failures. You can also use Versioning for data retention and archiving.

Can I comply with data privacy protection laws and regulations using the NeuLexa platform?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your activities on the NeuLexa platform comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Accordingly, NeuLexa provides users with the ability to select specific storage regions, which presently include US West (N. California), US East (Virginia), EU West (Ireland), and Singapore. We anticipate other global storage regions will become available as Amazon continues to build out its networks.