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Professionals (e.g. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, consultants and support staff) invite and connect with each other on the NeuLexa platform based on existing relationships or relationships developed from active participation on the platform (e.g. interest groups, referrals, etc). This network effect will allow professionals to gain access to new opportunities on a global scale and at a fraction of the cost of traditional venues.

Connected professionals then form virtual teams and leverage the services of support staff via the NeuLexa platform. The platform incorporates and integrates all roles of a traditional professional services team, from support staff up to senior team leaders. Diverse teams are formed on-demand without geographical boundary.

Once established on the NeuLexa platform, professionals and virtual teams compete and win projects on a global scale with limitless sophistication and serve clients of all sizes, regardless of geographies and complexity of the projects.

Team members are provided the capability to share revenues and divide responsibilities among multiple parties via the transaction component on NeuLexa’s project management dashboard, allowing professionals and teams to securely and equitably profit from client projects.