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NeuLexa provides professionals and clients the ability to operate in a virtual teaming environment through an intelligent and user-friendly dashboard. NeuLexa's full suite of services is organized according to functional modules that allow professionals and clients to manage their business, such as:

Documents - upload personal, project and group files/folders in order to decrease reliance on physical (i.e. on-premise) data storage and improve the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Messaging - stay on top of your communication via the messaging component of NeuLexa. Whether it's personal messages, project interaction or participation in interest groups, the messaging module will allow you to more effectively manage your daily interaction.

Connections - as the saying goes, "it's who you know, not what you know." On NeuLexa, we let you manage both. While the combination of NeuLexa's suite of service is the "what" (i.e. your expertise), connections are the "who." This is the key to growing your network effect as either a client or professional.

Projects - by using NeuLexa's convenient dashboard, users manage their documents and connections to collaborate in virtual teaming environments.

Interest Groups - professionals can market their services, participate in communities, become thought leaders, expand their network and organize events via NeuLexa's interest group component on the dashboard.

Transactions - a key difference between NeuLexa and other, more basic platforms that focus purely on collaboration, is the ability to manage transactions in a virtual economy. In particular, the ability for professionals to grow teams in multiple marketplaces and to share revenues securely among multiple parties at once.