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Once projects are initiated, professionals manage the entire process in the "cloud," without physical boundary, using NeuLexa's ergonomically designed, productivity enhancing dashboard.

Professionals collaborate via NeuLexa's dashboard by selectively sharing documents and managing document versions worked on by different team members.

Professionals can manage the progress of each project as the dashboard provides status information of each project and progress of each team member.

Clients may view interim updates and milestones via Flash-based viewing displays selectively authorized by the managing professionals. Team members work behind the scenes to satisfy various client requirements.

Project leaders and clients control access to project files through selective sharing in order to allow multiple stake holders to work collaboratively while maintaining data security and a hierarchy of process flow (i.e. senior team members may be privy to certain documents only, while virtual assistants process, manage deadlines and upload required documentation for the team and perform more data intensive work).

The NeuLexa platform also allows professionals to recruit new team members and operate a dynamic, on-demand team, capable of serving the next generation of client requirements at a fraction of the traditional cost.