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NeuLexa's transaction system mitigates payment issues between parties and allows for multi-tier revenue payments. Clients pay on project milestones. Funds will not be disbursed until work is approved. Professionals (and support staff) securely earn revenues on projects.

A key difference between NeuLexa and other, more basic platforms that focus purely on collaboration, is the ability to manage transactions in a virtual economy. In particular, the ability for professionals to grow teams in multiple marketplaces and to earn revenues securely among multiple parties at once.

For example, once client makes payment, NeuLexa transfers remaining balance to project team members based on agreed amounts.

In the above scenario, Professional A may earn a higher percentage of revenues for various reasons (i.e. greater responsibility, owns the client relationship, etc) and distributes the balance based on retainer agreements among the professional team members. Professionals A, B, C and D may also engage their own sub-teams (assistants, etc) and the team building process may be multi-level below them.

This payment process may be repeated for a series of agreed milestones or a project may be paid in full in one lump sum.